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HR test

During the first stage of the selection process, we ensure that our potential developers are motivated, independent workers who are poised to succeed in a remote work environment. The candidate’s English language skills, as well as education history, are verified and validated. Additionally, we will also assess soft skills such as communication efficacy and other essential interpersonal skills.


Coding skills

Innovative and analytical thinking are both integral components of successful developers, and our next step facilitates the evaluation of the candidate’s algorithmic thinking. Candidates must demonstrate patience and attention to detail, following each task through to completion effectively, and showcasing advanced inventive coding solutions. A proven track record of successful coding experience is essential in successfully completing our coding skill evaluation process.


Technical interview

A comprehensive understanding of theoretical knowledge inspires the best developers to think outside the box, and to develop creative coding solutions to solve multifaceted problems. A well-rounded background of theoretical applications can provide transferable skills to a variety of different coding projects and is a crucial developer skill to assess. During the technical interview, our team will ensure the candidate has a solid theoretical background and understands the complex connections involved in coding language and applications.



We provide each client with a one-week trial period with their selected developer to ensure the needs of the client are met. If you find that the candidate is not a good fit for your company, you are under no obligation to continue and will not be charged for the week of service. We strive to ensure the best performance of our talented developers, and our mission is to provide the best match to fit the specific goals of each client.

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High technical skills

You can find passionate software developers with a high level of English; skills for writing clean, clear, and logical code. Moreover, they have in-depth programming knowledge and a real interest in learning the latest trends. You know, that the demand for employees in the software development industry exceeds the supply. It’s really hard to find a good quality developer. But our platform can solve this problem. Before the developer starts working with us, he has to pass an interview and show his professional suitability. We carefully select the best candidates for our clients, so you will have a working relationship only with reliable developers.

Save your money

Remotely has solved this issue with an outstaffing model to let you save money. Our remote working developers will work for your company. Keep in constant communication and cooperate with them to manage your projects. With our outstaffing model, you will find software developers suitable for your budget. The company structure and our business model allow us to provide developers at a lower cost than most our competitors.

Outstaffing model

With Remotely you will save 80% on salary payments
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Save your time

Talented developers are not looking for a job. Usually, finding a good developer in Ukraine takes 4-8 weeks on average. Additionally, you would have to wait for another 2-4 weeks until the developer leaves his current job. With Remotely, you can drastically decrease this time. Finding a developer is faster since all talented programmers are already in our database, so you don’t need to wait until the company finds a suitable candidate, we have done everything for you! You can just check our available software developers on the website, and pick the one that matches your requirements.

Remotely - your trust is our efficiency

Welcome to Remotely, where our focus is on the modern model of efficient business operations. Investing in a partnership with us, you can be confident that you are doing business with an organization focused on a cost-effective, streamlined business strategy. Our company structure allows us to cut out the expensive overhead costs and non-essential office expenses, and put our money into developing talent and offering affordable rates to our clients. Through our practical, cost-centric business model we are able to retain talented developers with a competitive salary, and in turn, offer our clients a reasonable developer rate. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Contact us today for more details!


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